It always feels like christmas!

I LOVE credit gratis programs. I'm sure everyone that is a part of one does. But, I really can't help but get excited when I see a package at my door. I turn into a 5 year old girl and rip apart the box and admire all my new makeup and spend hours playing with the new stuff. I'm getting excited just thinking about new makeup! AHH.


Bad Romance

I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but I will be damned if her videos aren't inspiring. The video for "Bad Romance" is, by far, my favorite out of the ones that I've seen. The minute I saw Alexander McQueen's ridiculous lobster-claw shaped "Armadillo" shoes a few months ago (Spring 2010), I KNEW Lady Gaga would be the one wearing them. In the midst of all these insane scenes in the video, small shots of her with only mascara on pop up, and those scenes were what really made me love the video. She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL with just mascara on, and for me that's what really stood out during the chaos of the video. I'm sure you've all seen "Bad Romance" by now, and I really think it's beautiful and scary and just jaw dropping to watch. I've probably watched it 10+ times now and still haven't gotten sick of it. She is seriously inspirational from a fashion standpoint, and I'd love to work with her someday.


Preview from series with Zhang Jingna for Singapore Brides

here's what the photographer zhang jingna had to say about the picture:
"It was just starting to get a little chilly around the time when we shot this. But the weather was kind with us on the day itself -- kind of a rare thing when I shoot overseas, something I was infinitely grateful for.

The location was empty save for a cellist playing when we arrived. I had Lauren leaning against some pillars at first, then a few different poses and I was more or less ready to move on. We were pressing for time and I was trying to finish within a few frames so we could change into to the next dress before the light went out for the day.

However the music kept playing, and playing, and it was so magnificent and poetic as the melodies echoed throughout the halls I felt an urge and need to capture the beautiful moment in which we were submersed in. I told Lauren to hold up her dress, to twirl and walk and move towards the light. She did, and everything came to live in the viewfinder. I had my shot.

It's one of those 'simple' photographs, where everything else is stripped away and the image is about the essence of a certain moment. I had my assistants moved away with the reflectors to give her full space for movements and photographed with whatever natural light there was left before the sun went down. In those moments it was just about the harmony between the two of us, and it was beautiful."

The rest of the series will be up sometime later this week at Fashion.SingaporeBrides.com, and there will also be a behind the scenes video posted on my blog! So check back soon :)


Disfunkshion Magazine

Finally got a few copies of the october issue of Disfunkshion Magazine that featured a spread I worked on with Edwin Flores.


Hi! I'm in florida! It's so beautiful out...much different from the 30-40 degree weather in NY.

Recently, I purchased Smashbox's "Wish for the Perfect Palette".

I wasn't really sure how I'd like it since I hadn't seen it in person...But, I was pleasantly surprised when I received it in the mail. It retails for $59, and is around 7x7". It has 64 Eye Shadows, 8 Cream Eye Liners, 6 Brow Tech Powders, 1 Brow Wax, 8 Lip Glosses, 2 Blushes, 1 Complexion Brightener, 1 Bronzer, 1 Highlighter, and 4 Mini Brushes (Shadow, Liner, Brow & Lip). It'd be a GREAT gift for Christmas or Hanukkah. I could easily bring it to a photoshoot and eliminate 75% of my kit since this carries almost everything I need. The eyeshadows have great pigmentation, and really show up against different skin tones. All in all, I'd give it an A. Definitely pick it up for the holidays!!


1 year Birthday!

I've had my makeup blog for a little over a year now, and I'm very proud of it. I think I've grown a lot in the past year, and seeing all the things I've been privileged to do since last November really makes me happy. Got published in Power for the first time in Febuary, and have had 3 Covers and a few more snippets since then. Got to spend some time in L.A and meet and work with some great people. Was lucky enough to get work published in GEEK Magazine, Avenue Edmonton, People en Espanol, Prestige Magazine, Disfunkshion Magazine, and 20/20 Magazine. I worked with a great Men's designer named Todd Shelton, and got to do some awesome photoshoots showcasing his clothing line "Shelton Clothing". I got to work with my boyfriend on a shoot and have our work published in Coastal Carolina Home & Lifestyles Magazine.

Here's to the next year!
And coinciding with my blog's birthday is my own birthday this Thursday the 12th)! :)
Quick shot from a shoot I did with Steve Prue. More to come.

model: Candice