Bad Romance

I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but I will be damned if her videos aren't inspiring. The video for "Bad Romance" is, by far, my favorite out of the ones that I've seen. The minute I saw Alexander McQueen's ridiculous lobster-claw shaped "Armadillo" shoes a few months ago (Spring 2010), I KNEW Lady Gaga would be the one wearing them. In the midst of all these insane scenes in the video, small shots of her with only mascara on pop up, and those scenes were what really made me love the video. She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL with just mascara on, and for me that's what really stood out during the chaos of the video. I'm sure you've all seen "Bad Romance" by now, and I really think it's beautiful and scary and just jaw dropping to watch. I've probably watched it 10+ times now and still haven't gotten sick of it. She is seriously inspirational from a fashion standpoint, and I'd love to work with her someday.


Caitlin said...

Saw a preview for it without the sound and started watching entirely because I was curious about the video. Super awesome!