flying to l.a tomorrow for a week to shoot. super excited! shooting a band for People en espanol, shooting maria menounos from access hollywood, and still waiting for some other shoots to be confirmed. :)


M.A.C's naked honey collection

comes out june 11th...it's totally not fair M.A.C keeps coming out with these collections one after the other, i'm gunna be broke!

i'm especially excited for the eyeshadows...a light gold color, an apricot-y /honey color, and a burnt brownish color.

and the perfumes, i'm a sucker for m.a.c's perfumes...


latest shoot with Shelton Clothing

here are some pictures from the latest shoot with Shelton Clothing that i did. paul has been the face of Shelton clothing for the past shoots that i've done with the company, and it's always great working with familiar faces. william heuberger shot it, grooming by yours truly, and that black lab is william's dog luca!.


Temptu Cosmetics

i'm DYING to buy the Temptu Cosmetics Airbrush Machine.

The Most Sophisticated and Powerful Portable Airbrush Compressor on the Market

-2-in-1 design for desktop or on-the-go
-Compact and lightweight
-Battery and compressor combined under 1.7 lbs
-Unparalleled PSI for a portable compressor
-Maximum Pressure: 30 PSI
-Long life rechargeable battery
-90 minutes fully charged
-Protective carrying case for easy portability
-Built-in Regulator, Flex Hose and Airbrush Holder
-Charges battery while being used, as long as it is plugged in

& once i get my temptu pro card in the mail, i can get that bad boy for 30% off! ( $1,270.00 is a little TOO steep for my liking.)


now, i have always had big problems with maybelline mascara. messy, messy, messy. but this video shows just how fun it can be.



summer beauty trends

according to View on Fashion Mag, this summers beauty trends will be "a tribute to the incredibly colourful imagination of Africa. The rich colour palette is enhanced by the fantastic light and cultural essence of African lands."

palettes by Yves Saint Laurent. i lovelovelove the first palette. the purple and gold colors look AMAZING.

personally, i'm really excited to use and experiment with these colors. as long as women make sure not to cross the line and end up with something tacky, i think it will be fun to see their take on this trend this summer.
i can't wait to pick up some products from the new M.A.C collection "Sugar Sweet"!

i love me some candy. so candy themed makeup? yes, please.

i also really want to try these products from Make Up For Ever:

i'm interested to see how well they hold up to the camera and if they do make any real difference. if they do, i'd be one happy customer! i know it all depends on the blending and application of the products, but some powders really just aren't that great. apparently, the Hi-Def powder is actually micro beads of silicone, and once they come in contact with damp or moisturized skin, turn from white to clear...thus, eliminating the need to drag around different colored powders. so excited!

and speaking of M.A.C, i'm a little late with the whole "hello kitty" collection, but, the video for it was pretty fantastic. very creepy alice in wonderland in my opinion.


new business cards came in the mail today! i love them!



Hi guys! i'm trying to win a small business grant to create my own makeup line. if you could go to the link below, read my story, and vote, it would mean a lot to me. after you go to vote, it will ask you to create an account, it is very fast to do so don't worry! thanks for all the help!



you can now to go http://www.unaliartists.com, and check out my work under the "make-up/grooming" section! hope you like it :)


Meredith Whitney

The march '09 issue of POWER the magazine (www.powerthemagazine.com) is out, if you can't pick up a copy, go read it online! it features a cover story on Meredith Whitney, who i did the hair and makeup for.