I placed in the top 50 for the Intuit Small business grant! I won a flip video camera, and $5,000!! I will be submitting a video to compete in the next round, and be eligible to win $10-25,000 in business grants to use to create my own makeup line! So thank you all for voting, and i'll need you to vote some more next week!! :)


looking for an easy makeup remover?

sometimes i get lazy at night and don't want to wash my face. being fully aware that sleeping in makeup is the worst thing you can do to your skin, i started keeping some makeup remover towelettes around. after trying different brands and not being as satisfied as i wanted to be, i tried Ponds clean sweep, and FELL IN LOVE.

they are super saturated with the makeup remover, unlike most brands i tried that felt too dry. they are great at getting off waterproof makeup, and don't irritate the eyes. they smell pretty good too and are great to have on hand at shoots so the models can remove their makeup afterward.

so if you're looking for a lazy day makeup remover, i definitely suggest picking up Ponds clean sweep in the original clean version. they retail for about $5 at your local drugstore, and last a pretty decent amount of time.


A Rose Romance

M.A.C's new "A Rose Romance" collection came out today!

These colors are definitely of a cooler variety. if you look great with cool lip, eye, or cheek makeup, definitely pick some up! I wasn't too crazy about the eyeshadows so i didn't include any, but here are my favorites from the collection!

Beauty Powder in Summer Rose

Beauty Powder in Blush Of Youth

Gel Blush in Just a Pinch

See Thru Lip Colours in Tender Tryst, Loving Touch, Secret Crush

Lipglasses in Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Virgin Kiss

Lipsticks in A Rose Romance, Odyssey, Way to Love

Mutiny Pigment

Circa Plum Pigment


Konad Nail Art

most of the time, i take care of my nails. it's rare for them not to be painted...and now that i found this company, i'm even more excited to paint my nails!

you can buy a kit with polish, & the stamp/plate, and create tons of different patterns for your nails. Konad Nail Art - buy it here!

my favorites:

sorry for the googled pics, i haven't received my kit in the mail yet. for $22 you can get 2 polishs, 2 nail plates, stamp and other tools. NOT BAD! :)


Nars - makeup your mind : BOOK REVIEW

if you're looking for a great makeup book, i definitely suggest picking up "Nars - makeup your mind".

not only is nars one of my faaaaaaavorite brands of makeup, but the book is (in my opinion) the best makeup book out there. most makeup books i own are just tips and tricks of the trade, but not in depth pictures and ideas. the nars book focuses more on pictures and telling you what to use and how to use it. it shows before and after pictures of the models, which i think is really cool. the pictures are broken up into segments focusing on lips, eyes, etc. there are a ton of different models (even guys!), and it really can inspire you if you're just looking for a new look.

here are some pictures i snapped of my own copy, so you can see what i'm talking about.

it normally retails at $39.95, but you can get it for $26.37 off amazon!
buy it here.


Lorne Michaels from SNL

the cover story of lorne michaels i did for Power the Magazine is up online!

go check it out here: interview with lorne michaels. and pick up a copy at a local newsstand!


l.a is awesome, i would love to move out here. shot with montez de durango for people en espanol, and that turned out great. then yesterday, katie and dean (the photographers) and i drove up to san francisco and shot with craig newmark (the creator of craigslist) and the ceo, jim buckmaster for power the magazine.

here are some behind the scenes pictures with montez de durango, and one from craig newmark's shoot.