looking for an easy makeup remover?

sometimes i get lazy at night and don't want to wash my face. being fully aware that sleeping in makeup is the worst thing you can do to your skin, i started keeping some makeup remover towelettes around. after trying different brands and not being as satisfied as i wanted to be, i tried Ponds clean sweep, and FELL IN LOVE.

they are super saturated with the makeup remover, unlike most brands i tried that felt too dry. they are great at getting off waterproof makeup, and don't irritate the eyes. they smell pretty good too and are great to have on hand at shoots so the models can remove their makeup afterward.

so if you're looking for a lazy day makeup remover, i definitely suggest picking up Ponds clean sweep in the original clean version. they retail for about $5 at your local drugstore, and last a pretty decent amount of time.