Guys matter too!

alright all you manly men out there, unless you're pete wentz, you probably don't wear makeup. even so, your skin should still matter to you. moisturizing should be a daily event in your regimen, and i'm going to share some great moisturizers and tips/tricks so you can all look your best. c'mon, you know you want to look good for the ladies&guys out there.

John Varvatos Hydrating Facial Moisturizer is a really, really great product.

a little pricey ($65) but a little goes a long way, and it'll do wonders to your skin. it's fast absorbing, so no need to wait around while it soaks in, you can put it on and head right out the door. it's also got chamomile and raspberry extracts which help soothe skin irritation.

Clinque M Protect SPF 21

Clinque's moisturizer is also really great, plus it has some spf thrown in there to help you avoid skin damage. the cheapest of the three, this one is priced at $22.

Zirh's protect moisturizer

this daily moisturizer really helps improve skin texture and bring elasticity back to the skin, and also helps to prevent sun damage. Zirh's protect moisturizer retails for $32.50.

NOWWW...i am also a big fan of concealer for men. you don't need to use a lot, and i really only recommend using it under the eyes. it'll totally brighten up your face... you won't look so tired, and it'll also give you a youthful appearance.

Jean Paul Gaultier Concealer

jeal paul gaultier's concealer is one of my favorites. it's only slightly tinted, fragrance free, and relatively inexpensive ($20).

John Varvatos Concealer for Men

this concealer by john varvatos comes in a cream stick form and is really easy to use. it's can help reduce fine lines and it's easy to blend into the skin. retails for $21, which is pretty good.

so men, take care of your skin! you'll thank yourself in 20+ years.


Anthony Bourdain & I'm #1! (so far...)

the anthony bourdain shoot on tuesday went great. we shot it at les halles on park ave. the food looked yummy. i'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures, and it will be featured in an upcoming issue of power soon. he seemed super down to earth, and i'm a HUGE fan of his show "No Reservations".

currently, i am in 1st place for the intuit small business united grant competition. if you haven't voted yet, go vote now!! i'm competing to win $25,000 to start my OWN(!) makeup line! go here, watch my video, and then click "inspiring" on the right hand side of my video. it will ask you to sign up quick, then click "useful" and "funny". by clicking all 3, you've successfully voted for me. leave a comment if you're feeling friendly too!


as you know, i placed in the top 50 for the intuit small business grant competition. i need you to now go vote on my video, so i can win the $25,000 business grant.

go here:

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i can totally do this!


M.A.C's Style Warriors collection

it goes on sale in stores nationwide may 21st. i like the collection a lot, but i don't know how often i'd be wearing some of it...i really love the packaging though! here are some of my favorites from the collection:

Eyeshadows in Soft Force, Tempting, Night Manoeuvres, Bright Future and Vibrant Grape

Lipglasses from left to right: Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce and Fabulous and Style Warrior

Nail Lacquer in Peaceable, Violet Fire Mercenary

Solar Bits in Bronzescape



finally got around to scanning in a few covers from POWER...you've seen some pictures, but not the covers :)

meredith whitney cover

lorne michaels cover

jeffrey sachs


Jeffrey Sachs for Power

the new issue of POWER is out, and you can see the cover story i did featuring Jeffrey Sachs here.

so go read it online, or pick up a copy at your local news stand!


montez de durango for people en espanol

i got to see some of my work last night in barnes & noble.
montez de durango for people en espanol, june issue, page 141 & 142/143


had a great shoot with john burnett for power yesterday. he was attacked by pirates while sailing alone and luckily he survived, and was inspired to write a book based on his experience called "Dangerous Waters - modern piracy and terror on the high seas". i'll let you all know what issue it will be featured in. you can buy the book here.

i'll also have some work coming up on mtv in august, in a true life episode. i won't be IN the episode, but you'll see 3 really awesome girls all made up by me. and my name in the credits! :) i'll let you know when that airs also!


did a quick beauty shoot with Taylor while she was in town.
photography by douglas foulke.

i love those lashes!!


Anthony Bourdain!

i found out from my agent today that i'll be doing grooming on Anthony Bourdain (from No Reservations on the travel channel) for Power the magazine in 2 weeks. i am so excited! i'm such a big fan of his. bleacher & everard will be shooting it, and it's always fun working with them. :)