Anthony Bourdain & I'm #1! (so far...)

the anthony bourdain shoot on tuesday went great. we shot it at les halles on park ave. the food looked yummy. i'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures, and it will be featured in an upcoming issue of power soon. he seemed super down to earth, and i'm a HUGE fan of his show "No Reservations".

currently, i am in 1st place for the intuit small business united grant competition. if you haven't voted yet, go vote now!! i'm competing to win $25,000 to start my OWN(!) makeup line! go here, watch my video, and then click "inspiring" on the right hand side of my video. it will ask you to sign up quick, then click "useful" and "funny". by clicking all 3, you've successfully voted for me. leave a comment if you're feeling friendly too!