Take Beauty Surveys and Get Paid Cash!

Daily Makeover wants to know your beauty and makeup buying habits and regimen, and they're willing to pay for it. Just for signing up and completing the 1st survey, they put $5 in your account, and once you've accumulated $25 in surveys, you can either have them transfer the money to you safely through Pay-Pal, choose to have it in a gift card on Amazon, or even donated to your favorite charity. The questions are super easy: Ranging from "What type of hair do you have - Oily, Normal, Dry" to "What brands of makeup do you most often use". I'm not sure how often new surveys will be put up, but check back on their site regularly. It took me about 6 minutes to complete the first survey, and you can do it while you check your e-mail in the morning. By completing the surveys, you're allowing YOUR voice to be heard in the beauty industry.

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