i can't wait to pick up some products from the new M.A.C collection "Sugar Sweet"!

i love me some candy. so candy themed makeup? yes, please.

i also really want to try these products from Make Up For Ever:

i'm interested to see how well they hold up to the camera and if they do make any real difference. if they do, i'd be one happy customer! i know it all depends on the blending and application of the products, but some powders really just aren't that great. apparently, the Hi-Def powder is actually micro beads of silicone, and once they come in contact with damp or moisturized skin, turn from white to clear...thus, eliminating the need to drag around different colored powders. so excited!

and speaking of M.A.C, i'm a little late with the whole "hello kitty" collection, but, the video for it was pretty fantastic. very creepy alice in wonderland in my opinion.